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David Bassett
Group MD, Jazz Hands Specialist and Mint Tea Devotee

David is from Kerry, he loves all things adventure, doesn’t do chocolate or crisps but man oh man does he like his mint tea… he’s also our CEO and responsible for everything in the business and across all brands including (and especially) the management of the coffee machine.

Oran Masterson 
Creator of Opportunities, Dot Connector and Landie Tire Kicker

Oran is our resident ‘people person’ who loves tailoring corporate experiences and building relationships. A Wicklow native and avid offroader, Oran has been a pivotal part of the Xtreme brand since the ‘early days’. He could tell you some stories!

Will Powderly
Event Director, Experience Creator, Irish Tea-making Champion

Will is a lifelong climber and outdoor fanatic & is at his happiest drinking tea with climbing friends after a challenging days adventuring. Will has worked in the outdoor industry in Ireland and abroad for over 15 years. When he’s not managing our events teams he is working on ‘the next big thing’ and building up our portfolio of available experiences.

Arturs Burkalo
Events & Site Manager, Expert on Little Green Frogs

Arturs is a qualified Sport, Leisure and Outdoor Adventure Management professional who practises what he preaches. In addition to heading up corporate events he is also our lead instructor for the Bear Grylls Survival Academy.

Noel Muldowney
Sales and Support manager, Eagle-eye and Craic Addict

Noel is the ‘details guy’ at the company and he has an (almost freakish) encyclopaedic knowledge of events programmes, experiences and suppliers. Noel is the guy to call when you want something different for your next event but don’t know where to start.

Fiona Cox
Financial Administrator, Lead Whip-cracker

From her humble beginnings at the Adventure Centre in Courtlough Fiona has grown into her irreplaceable role as financial admin. When she is not scaring up papertrails she ‘keeps it country’ by spending a lot of time with her horse and two dogs.

Oddie Braddell
Atmosphere Engineer, Icebreaker King and Competitive Bard

No Master of Ceremonies brings energy to an event like Oddie. Between stage and screen roles (did you catch him on Game of Thrones?) he develops and delivers our experiences to an exacting standard. Many attendees fondly remember his character roles at events and in our opinion that more-than-compensates for his tendency to break into song when bored.

John Kirkpatrick
Events Lead, Head of Positivity Appraisal Department

Another essential member of our senior ‘ground troops’, John is often the busy guy in the background who makes things work. Between adventuring, hiking and travelling John has picked up more than a few useful skills. Many of our events have been elevated to better levels because of John tinkering to get things just righ