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Irish Legends

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Irish Legends: Cuchulain’s Walk, O’Houricans Poem & Snakes Out Of Ireland

We have created a unique zone within our forest in Carton House, dedicated to Irish Legends. This zone is packed with tasks & challenges that our famous Irish Saints, Pirate Queens and Great Kings of Ireland have passed onto us. St. Patrick, Cuchulain, O’Hourican, Brain Boru & Granuaile to name a few, are all seated within the Moygaddy Wood, your challenge is to overcome their difficult and ancient tasks and to make history by breaking records set by others before you.

O Hourican’s Challenge
Oran O’Hourican has left your Team an encrypted message. It is up to you to decode his hidden message, and release his Pot of Gold from the Tree Tops above. But he is about to make life difficult for you as the message is written in rhyme on 50 pieces of Jigsaw. You must complete this vertical jigsaw twice to see the method to his madness! This is nowhere near as easy as you think! Thinking under pressure, teams will race against the clock to raid the Gold!

Cuchulainn’s Walk
Travel back in time, to the days of Cuchulainn, and enter our enchanted wood if you dare! Two Teams will be met with a series of head-to-head obstacles and tasks to complete before reaching the Tree of Life. Both Teams start the challenge by attaching themselves to separate ropes. Once attached participants are locked into the challenge and can only unlock by reaching the finish point. Along the way they will meet such obstacles as the Peg Keg, Yellow Fever, Letters of leer & Ropy Pole. All of these must be completed while balancing on Cuchulainn’s Walk.

St. Patrick’s Snakes
This challenge will test your teams balance, their group coordination and their communication skills. To begin, the group will be brought down to our snake pit…. This will contain over 50 snakes!!! Each member of the group must take it in turn to face the snakes. They will be strapped into the hanging bed, which hangs only 2 foot above the snakes. Once strapped in, their job it to reach down and try to collect as many snakes as they can. They must then try to swing out towards the edge of the snake pit and deposit the snakes into the snake charmers basket. The team with the most snakes in the basket, at the end of their allocated time, is the declared the winner. This activity provides great entertainment and ensures every group will have great fun.

Fact File:
Numbers: 20+ participants
Duration: 2-3 hours, per group
Additional Information: Our instructors will brief the group and provide them with all the rules before commencing each challenge.
Benefits: These challenges are more entertaining than many others; your team will benefit most from these activities with pure laughter