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Whale of a Time

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Meet Moby, our 3D, interactive skeleton based blue whale. Moby has landed on a beach. He is in desperate need of your Help! His bones are all over the shore, and his tail flipper has been washed downstream. It’s up to you, to put Moby back together again. Your team need to strategise and communicate with each other before you even start this challenge, in order to have any chance of putting Moby back together.

Build Moby in the time provided and the king of the sea will reward you with many points for your team… steady as she goes…

Fact File:
Numbers: 12+ participants
Duration: 20 – 30 minutes
Additional Information: Teams will have to work together in order to solve this fishy puzzle.
Benefits: Teamwork, problem solving and good management will all be utilised in this challenge.