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Hex | Mental Challenge Puzzle

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Hex is a mind boggling giant mental challenge puzzle that involves every single Team Members attention in order for the exercise to be attempted and ultimately to be deemed a success. There are ten tiles involved in the puzzle, with eight levels to compete at! Each Tile has a number on one side and a diagram on the other. Each diagram consists of three different colored lines. When tiles are placed on the floor beside each other the colored lines must match up with the other tiles to form a consecutive loop of that color.

For the First Level of the puzzle the Team are given three tiles, once this exercise is complete and all colored lines match up to form a loop, the Team are given a fourth tile, and commence Level Two. The exercise grows until all ten tiles are on display. The more tiles involved in the game the more difficult to it is to complete…Teams receive Points for every level completed. This Exercise can take anywhere from 20 minutes to 40 minutes to complete for a single team.

The Exercise can also be played on a head to head basis, with up to six teams competing against each other. Memory is a huge element of this exercise, as is planning.