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Thunder Races Grand Prix

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Lights, Power, Ignition! Start your engines!!! Girls this is your chance to beat the Boys… Thunder Races is a very competitive race from start to finish. Your team will be given materials to build your very own Racing Pedal Kart. All team members must help to assemble all the parts of this victorious vehicle, in order to qualify for the starting line in the time provided. After building these awesome machines, Each team must nominate a driver to start the race, or multiple drivers for a relay race which will take place around our famous – car park track…The checkered flag will drop, the smell of burning rubber will be in the air, and the best kart will surely win the race? This is an exciting race from start to finish. Points will be awarded for styling of vehicles, race ability, and of course for the first one over the finish line…

Fact File:
Numbers: 8+ participants
Locations: Any Location with an empty Car Park or private Dirt Road
Duration: 1.5-2 Hours per group approx.

Additional Information:
This is a fantastic Finale Event, where multiple Teams can battle it out to get across the finish line first. All equipment is provided, including Racing Safety Helmets.

After competing against each other all day, Teams generally enjoy a FINALE event, whereby they get the opportunity to compete against all teams head to head at the same task, a last ditch effort if you like, to receive more points… This can be all the difference between winning and loosing! Finale Events generate fantastic enthusiasm within groups; participants will be under severe time pressure and must work really hard and quickly to ensure their place on the starting line.